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Your host Myxos welcomes you to 'Myxo's Woza Nawe Tours'
- Responsible Cultural Tours in Swaziland - Southern Africa.


Introduction to Myxo's Woza Nawe Cultural Tours ...

Woza Nawe Tours- Established 10 years agostablished ten years ago, Woza Nawe Cultural Tours offers all visitors
interested in Swaziland travel, the unique opportunity to experience 'first
hand', daily life in rural Swaziland, through embarking on an adventurous
Swazi cultural tour.

Your host Myxos Mdluli, invites all visitors to Swaziland to join him in
discovering the true Swazi culture.

The rising interest in Swaziland travel, along with Myxo's contribution to cultural tourism in Swaziland has helped to benefit the lives of the local people, as well as to create unique learning opportunities for visitors to the country through 'responsible cultural tours'.

What Can You Expect From Woza Nawe Tours ...

Woza Nawe Tours - Catering for your every needatering for your every need, Woza Nawe Tours will ensure that your
trip to Swaziland is a memorable one. The main focus is to introduce
visitors to the real people of Swaziland.

Here you will not be introduced to actors who perform for you.

Instead you will be taken 'behind the scenes', to experience and
enjoy the rich culture that is "Swazi". - Visit a genuine Swazi
Village, See the true culture of Swaziland, Eat and converse
with real Swazi's.

For the hardier, more adventurous type (especially for those
who are backpacking through Swaziland or taking part in the
'overnight tour') we also offer accommodation 'Swazi' style,
where you get the unique opportunity to sleep in traditional
Swazi beehive huts on traditional grass mats. (mattresses
will be provided for the softies - *on request).

Responsible Cultural Tours ...

Woza Nawe Tours- woza Nawe Tours not only gives visitors to Swaziland a taste of rural life in Swaziland, but also provides a source of income for the local families. This income helps these local families to remain self sufficient without them having to migrate into the towns to find employment.

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Myxo's Woza Nawe Cultural Tours

How To Get There >>



Visitors that are travelling in their own car can meet an appointed guide in the town of Manzini. He will accompany them to kaPhunga village. The roads to get to the village are very good and you do not need a 4X4 vehicle. A sedan car will easily negotiate the route.

If you have the time, love to meet people and would like to experience a genuine bus adventure then you can catch the bus (Mahle Emakholo) from Manzini, in the kaPhunga village direction. (Call 'Sbali' on +268 6226291 for assistance.) The bus leaves Manzini at 5:00 pm and arrives at kaPhunga village at around 7:00pm.
*If you are choosing this option please ensure that you have let us know in advance so that we can meet you at the bus station.

For visitors without transport, Myxos offers a pick up and drop off from Manzini. (Transport for approx. 6 guests.)



Myxos from Woza Nawe Cultural Tours in Swaziland

About Your Host - Mxolisi Mdluli (Myxos)

Myxosyxos is originally from the South West of Swaziland. Ten years ago he moved up country to the Manzini region where he now operates his Backpackers accommodation establishment and Myxo's Woza Nawe Cultural Tours.
Looking for the ideal location from which to base his cultural tourism enterprise, he settled on the village of kaPhunga and quickly moved in.

Says Myxos; "I have moved into the village of kaPhunga since I was looking for a great spot to take the travellers and set up a way where the travellers can spend more time and experience the Swazi culture and tradition."

Myxos is currently spending more time up at his house in kaPhunga village and he is working hard to establish a fantastic location for visitors to come and enjoy their once in a lifetime 'Swazi Cultural Experience'.




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